Deterioration in sugarcane after harvest: An approximation of the kinetics of the chemical process and varietal differences

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A study was undertaken at CENICANA with the purpose of (i) determining the differences in the losses of sucrose content occurring among sugarcane varieties between the harvest and milling, (ii) formulating guidelines that would contribute to reducing these losses and (iii) developing a methodology for evaluating new varieties, CENICAÑA (Centre for Research on Sugarcane in Colombia) monitored the kinetics of sucrose inversion or hydrolysis based on first order pseudo-kinetics in ten varieties stored under the field conditions. The results showed varietal differences with respect to the rates of deterioration. Sugarcane varieties MZC 74-275 and CC 92-2804 (burnt) had the highest sucrose losses, whereas varieties CC 84-75, CC 91-1999 and CC 93-3895 recorded lowest sucrose losses.

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