Efficacy of electrolyzed water to minimize postharvest sucrose losses in sugarcane

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Sugar losses after harvest is one of the major problem of sugar processing units. Many chemicals and biocides have been recommended to minimize post-harvest sucrose losses in the field and milling tandem, however their use is extremely limited due to environmental and economic considerations. Use of Electrolyzed Water (EW) has been recommended in food processing industry to minimize pre and post harvest losses in vegetables and many food products. Application of EW on harvested sugarcane during summer months shows relatively less decline in CCS, sucrose and purity of juice compared to untreated and water treated control. The CCS and juice purity value in untreated, water treated and EW treated cane after 120 h of storage were 9.91, 11.74 and 12.23, & 71.68, 75.44 and 82.30, respectively. A beneficial response of EW fogging on the post-harvest quality parameters of sugarcane has been reported.

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