Satisfaction With Life Among Adolescents From Portuguese Immigrant Familiesin Switzerland

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The aims of this study were to determine the level of satisfaction with lifeamong adolescents from Portuguese immigrant families in Switzerland and thefactors related thereto. The sample consisted of 93 participants (mean age =16.1 years; SD = 1.4). The mean duration of sojourn inSwitzerland was 7.2 years. A control group of 187 Portuguese youth was alsoincluded in the study. There were no significant differences in level of lifesatisfaction between Portuguese adolescents living in Portugal and those livingin Switzerland. Whereas demographic factors accounted for only 8% of thevariance explained, demographic and psychosocial factors accounted for 31% ofthe variance explained. Psychological symptoms were the most important predictorof life satisfaction. Behavioral problems, gender, and mastery were also foundto be significant predictors of life satisfaction.

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