Revisiting the Rybakov Figures: A Classical and Probabilistic Analysis of the Psychometric Properties of a Test of Spatial Visualization

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Abstract.The Rybakov Test is a traditional nonverbal spatial ability test for which promising results have been reported in the few validation studies that have been conducted to date. In order to more thoroughly determine the psychometric properties of the test, we subjected it to systematic validation in two samples of 338 participants in total. Our analyses demonstrated that the Rybakov Test is a reliable measure of spatial visualization ability that exhibits convergent associations with other spatial visualization tests (r = .45–.62) and general intelligence tests (r = .43–.44). The Rybakov Figures showed high internal consistency (α = .79–.84) and high retest reliability (rtt = .77) – and even proved to be Rasch scalable. Because of the widely varying item difficulties, the test can be administered even in highly skilled samples without generating ceiling effects.

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