Systematic Self-Monitoring and Reflection of Health Behavior in Widely Differing Preventive Settings

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Effects of a group health promotion program were tested in widely differing preventive settings. The objectives of the SySeRe program are systematic self-monitoring and reflection on everyday life health behavior as well as the promotion of health- and development-related cognitions and personal well-being. Randomized group designs were employed to evaluate effects on health locus of control, health value, personal developmental control, personal self-regulation of development, well-being, and psychosomatic complaints. Program effects were confirmed with reference to outcome measures administered at the end of the treatment and at 2-month follow-ups in samples of 56 aged individuals (Study 1), 50 adolescents (Study 2), and 53 inpatients on a psychosomatic rehabilitation hospital program (Study 3). Results demonstrate effectiveness and usability of the SySeRe program as an economical health promotion treatment in different primary and tertiary preventive settings.

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