Assessing Multicultural Effectiveness Among Young Swiss People: Factor Structure and Consistency in the French Adaptation of the Multicultural Personality Questionnaire

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The present paper examines the reliability and validity of the French-language version of the Multicultural Personality Questionnaire (MPQ) among young participants (N = 7,180) in French-speaking Switzerland. Consistent with previous research (Van der Zee & Van Oudenhoven, 2000, 2001; Van der Zee, Zaal, & Piekstra, 2003), exploratory analysis in one subsample confirmed the presence of the five factors underpinning the MPQ: Open-Mindedness, Cultural Empathy, Emotional Stability, Social Initiative, and Flexibility. Confirmatory factor analyses in a second subsample and in the total sample further confirmed the same five-factor structure. This model was modified to include correlated residuals between items with high semantic proximity. This final model obtained a satisfactory fit to the overall data. We conclude that the French version of the 37-item MPQ scale can be used to examine the attitudes associated with multicultural effectiveness in French-speaking populations.

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