Anatomic Distribution of Reinforcer Selective Cell Firing in the Core and Shell of the Nucleus Accumbens
The Influence of Sex on Extracellular Dopamine and Locomotor Activity in C57BL/6J Mice Before and After Acute Cocaine Challenge
Apolipoprotein E4 Suppresses Delayed-Rectifier Potassium Channels in Membrane Patches Excised From Hippocampal Neurons
Repeated Antipsychotic Drug Exposure in Developing Rats: Dopamine Receptor Effects
Nitric Oxide and c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase Are Involved in the Development of Dark Neurons Induced by Inflammatory Pain
Ethological Resolution of Behavioral Topography and D2-Like vs. D1-Like Agonist Responses in Congenic D4 Dopamine Receptor “Knockouts”: Identification of D4:D1-Like Interactions
PET Imaging of Glucose Metabolism in a Mouse Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Estradiol Attenuates the K+-Induced Increase in Extracellular GABA in Rat Striatum