Post-Pubertal Emergence of Alterations in Locomotor Activity in STOP Null Mice
Suppressive Effect of Paroxetine, a Selective Serotonin Uptake Inhibitor, on Tetrahydrobiopterin Levels and Dopamine as Well as Serotonin Turnover in the Mesoprefrontal System of Mice
Time-Course of Change in [11C]Carfentanil and [11C]Raclopride Binding Potential After a Nonpharmacological Challenge
A Small Dopamine Permeability of Storage Vesicle Membranes and End Product Inhibition of Tyrosine Hydroxylase Are Sufficient to Explain Changes Occurring in Dopamine Synthesis and Storage After Inhibition of Neuron Firing
Effects of Increased Endogenous Serotonin on the In Vivo Binding of [11C]DASB to Serotonin Transporters in Conscious Monkey Brain
Cross-Talking Between 5-HT3 and GABAA Receptors in Cultured Myenteric Neurons
HSPBAP1 is Found Extensively in the Anterior Temporal Neocortex of Patients With Intractable Epilepsy
Effects of Intravenous Glucose on Dopaminergic Function in the Human Brain In Vivo
Ritanserin Reverses Repeated Methamphetamine-Induced Behavioral and Neurochemical Sensitization in Mice
[18F]FPhEP and [18F]F2PhEP, Two New Epibatidine-Based Radioligands: Evaluation for Imaging Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in Baboon Brain
Increased Locomotor Response to Amphetamine Induced by the Repeated Administration of the Selective Kappa-Opioid Receptor Agonist U-69593
Evaluation of Distribution of Adenosine A2A Receptors in Normal Human Brain Measured With [11C]TMSX PET
Alterations in Dendritic Morphology of Hippocampal Neurons in Adult Rats After Neonatal Administration of N -Omega-Nitro-l-Arginine
Dietary Restriction Modulates α-Synuclein Expression in the Aging Rat Cortex and Hippocampus