D2R DNA Transfer Into the Nucleus Accumbens Attenuates Cocaine Self-Administration in Rats
Afferent Influences on Striatal Development in Organotypic Cocultures
Expression of Astrocytic Markers Aquaporin 4 and Connexin 43 is Altered in Brains of Subjects With Autism
Autoradiographic Characterization of α2C-Adrenoceptors in the Human Striatum
Possible Dopaminergic Stimulation of Locus Coeruleus α1-Adrenoceptors Involved in Behavioral Activation
Behavioral and Biochemical Correlates of the Dyskinetic Potential of Dopaminergic Agonists in the 6-OHDA Lesioned Rat
In Vivo and In Vitro Ethanol Exposure in Prenatal Rat Brain: GABAB Receptor Modulation on Dopamine D1 Receptor and Protein Kinase A
Cerebellar Modulation of Frontal Cortex Dopamine Efflux in Mice: Relevance to Autism and Schizophrenia
The Combination of Methamphetamine and of the HIV Protein, Tat, Induces Death of the Human Neuroblastoma Cell Line, SH-SY5Y
The Presence of Consciousness in the Absence of the Cerebral Cortex