Direct Evidence for the Up-regulation of Vps34 Regulated by PKCγ During Short-Term Treatment With Morphine
Complexity of Contacts Between Synaptic Boutons and Dendritic Spines in Adult Rat Hippocampus: Three-Dimensional Reconstructions From Serial Ultrathin Sections In Vivo
Dopamine D2/3 Receptor Occupancy of Apomorphine in the Nonhuman Primate Brain—A Comparative PET Study With [11C]Raclopride and [11C]MNPA
Human Evidence of a Supra-Spinal Modulating Role of Dopamine on Pain Perception
Long-Term Changes in Dopamine-Stimulated Gene Expression After Single-Day Methamphetamine Exposure
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Magnetosensory Function in Rats: Localization Using Positron Emission Tomography
Dopaminergic Modulation of Brain Systems Subserving Decision Making Under Uncertainty: A Study With fMRI and Methylphenidate Challenge
Rats With Persistently High Exploratory Activity Have Both Higher Extracellular Dopamine Levels and Higher Proportion of DHigh2 Receptors in the Striatum