Phenotypic Disruption to Orofacial Movement Topography in Conditional Mutants With Generalized CamKIIA/Cre D1Tox Versus Striatal-Specific DARPP-32/Cre D1Tox Ablation of D1 Dopamine Receptor-Expressing Cells
Hypocretin1/OrexinA-Containing Axons Innervate Locus Coeruleus Neurons That Project to The Rat Medial Prefrontal Cortex. Implication in the Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle and Cortical Activation
Methamphetamine-Mediated Modulation of MOR Expression in the SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cell Line
The Effects of Nicotine and Cigarette Smoke on the Monoamine Transporters
Progesterone Influences Postischemic Synaptogenesis in the CA1 Region of the Hippocampus in Rats
Absolute Abundances and Affinity States of Dopamine Receptors in Mammalian Brain: A Review
[76Br]BMK-152, a Nonpeptide Analogue, With High Affinity and Low Nonspecific Binding for the Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Type 1 Receptor
Serotonergic Projections and Serotonin Receptor Expression in the Reticular Nucleus of the Thalamus in the Rat
Imaging of Alcohol-Induced Dopamine Release in Rats:Preliminary Findings With [11C]Raclopride PET
d-Cycloserine Facilitates Extinction of Cocaine Self-Administration in Rats
Hippocampal Mossy Fiber Long-Term Depression in Grm2/3 Double Knockout Mice
Cocaine Alters Dendritic Spine Density in Cortical and Subcortical Brain Regions of the Postpartum and Virgin Female Rat
Possible Involvement of β-Endorphin in a Loss of the Coordinated Balance of μ-Opioid Receptors Trafficking Processes by Fentanyl
COMT Val158Met Genotype and Striatal D2/3 Receptor Binding in Adults With 22q11 Deletion Syndrome
Age-Related Changes in Gene Expression are Accelerated in Alzheimer'S Disease