The role of Ca2+-dependent K+- channels at the rat corticostriatal synapses revealed by paired pulse stimulation
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Ghrelin receptor antagonism of hyperlocomotion in cocaine-sensitized mice requires βarrestin-2
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Validation of [11C]ORM-13070 as a PET tracer for alpha2c-adrenoceptors in the human brain
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Asymmetrical expression of BDNF and NTRK3 genes in frontoparietal cortex of stress-resilient rats in an animal model of depression
Further evaluation of [11C]MP-10 as a radiotracer for phosphodiesterase 10A: PET imaging study in rhesus monkeys and brain tissue metabolite analysis
Different Pools of Postsynaptic GABAA Receptors Mediate Inhibition Evoked by Low- and High-Frequency Presynaptic Stimulation at Hippocampal Synapses
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