Evolutionary Bangs and Whimpers
Quantitative Traits and Diversification
Primary Controls on Species Richness in Higher Taxa
When Can Decreasing Diversification Rates Be Detected with Molecular Phylogenies and the Fossil Record?
The Shape and Temporal Dynamics of Phylogenetic Trees Arising from Geographic Speciation
Combining Phylogenomics and Fossils in Higher-Level Squamate Reptile Phylogeny
Assessment of the Relative Merits of a Few Methods to Detect Evolutionary Trends
Tracing the Temporal and Spatial Origins of Island Endemics in the Mediterranean Region
Rate Heterogeneity, Ancestral Character State Reconstruction, and the Evolution of Limb Morphology in Lerista (Scincidae, Squamata)
Geophylogenies and the Map of Life
The Paleobiological Revolution
Animal Evolution
Systema Naturae 250—The Linnaean Ark