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Accommodating Heterogenous Rates of Evolution in Molecular Divergence Dating Methods
Dating Primate Divergences through an Integrated Analysis of Palaeontological and Molecular Data
Comparative Performance of Supertree Algorithms in Large Data Sets Using the Soapberry Family (Sapindaceae) as a Case Study
Species Delimitation under the General Lineage Concept
Quantifying the Impact of Dependent Evolution among Sites in Phylogenetic Inference
Two Stationary Nonhomogeneous Markov Models of Nucleotide Sequence Evolution
The Potential Role of Androgenesis in Cytoplasmic–Nuclear Phylogenetic Discordance
Can We Avoid “SIN” in the House of “No Common Mechanism”?
Comparative Biogeography
New Flora of the British Isles, third edition
The New Foundations of Evolution