Genome-Scale Phylogenetics
The Accuracy of Species Tree Estimation under Simulation
Coalescent Histories on Phylogenetic Networks and Detection of Hybridization Despite Incomplete Lineage Sorting
Improving Marginal Likelihood Estimation for Bayesian Phylogenetic Model Selection
What's in a Likelihood? Simple Models of Protein Evolution and the Contribution of Structurally Viable Reconstructions to the Likelihood
Phylogenetic Utility of Nuclear Introns in Interfamilial Relationships of Caniformia (Order Carnivora)
Recent and Rapid Speciation with Limited Morphological Disparity in the Genus Rattus
Old Taxa on Young Islands
Consequences of Different Null Models on the Tree Shape Bias of Supertree Methods
Biologically Inspired Phylogenetic Models Strongly Outperform the No Common Mechanism Model
Conservative Supertrees
Carnivoran Evolution
Society of Systematic Biologists