Inferring Species-Level Phylogenies and Taxonomic Distinctiveness Using Multilocus Data in Sistrurus Rattlesnakes
Testing for Temporal Variation in Diversification Rates When Sampling is Incomplete and Nonrandom
Echinoderm Phylogeny Including Xyloplax, a Progenetic Asteroid
Examination of Hemiplasy, Homoplasy and Phylogenetic Discordance in Chromosomal Evolution of the Bovidae
Phylogenetic Inference of Reciprocal Effects between Geographic Range Evolution and Diversification
Divergence Time Estimation Using Fossils as Terminal Taxa and the Origins of Lissamphibia
Hybridization, Mitochondrial DNA Phylogeography, and Prediction of the Early Stages of Reproductive Isolation
Correlations of Life-History and Distributional-Range Variation with Salamander Diversification Rates
Integrating Fossil Preservation Biases in the Selection of Calibrations for Molecular Divergence Time Estimation
Bayes Estimators for Phylogenetic Reconstruction
The Devil in the Details
Essay on the Geography of Plants
Estimating Species Trees
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