Phylogeny and Temporal Diversification of Darters (Percidae
Mass Extinction, Gradual Cooling, or Rapid Radiation? Reconstructing the Spatiotemporal Evolution of the Ancient Angiosperm Genus Hedyosmum (Chloranthaceae) Using Empirical and Simulated Approaches
Hermit to King, or Hermit to All
Developmental Characters in Phylogenetic Inference and Their Absolute Timing Information
Fuzzy Chorotypes as a Conceptual Tool to Improve Insight into Biogeographic Patterns
Estimating Species Trees from Unrooted Gene Trees
Improved Least Squares Topology Testing and Estimation
Simulating Trees with a Fixed Number of Extant Species
Survey of Branch Support Methods Demonstrates Accuracy, Power, and Robustness of Fast Likelihood-based Approximation Schemes
The Trouble with Topology
On Rogers' Proof of Identifiability for the GTR + Γ + I Model
Missing Data in Phylogenetic Analysis
Here Be Dragons
Systematics and Conservation of African Plants
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