Tree Models for Macroevolution and Phylogenetic Analysis
Evaluation of a Bayesian Coalescent Method of Species Delimitation
Correlating Early Evolution of Parasitic Platyhelminths to Gondwana Breakup
Can Deliberately Incomplete Gene Sample Augmentation Improve a Phylogeny Estimate for the Advanced Moths and Butterflies (Hexapoda
A Phylogenetic Analysis of Pygmy Perches (Teleostei
Analysis of Ratios in Multivariate Morphometry
Euclidean Nature of Phylogenetic Distance Matrices
A Method for Inferring the Rate of Evolution of Homologous Characters that Can Potentially Improve Phylogenetic Inference, Resolve Deep Divergence and Correct Systematic Biases
How the Worm Got its Pharynx
The Parameters of the Barry and Hartigan General Markov Model Are Statistically NonIdentifiable
Nonrandom Variation in Within-Species Sample Size and Missing Data in Phylogenetic Comparative Studies
Fast Bayesian Choice of Phylogenetic Models
Phylogenetic Nomenclature, Three-Taxon Statements, and Unnecessary Name Changes
How Vertebrates Left the Water
Beyond Cladistics
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