Guided Tree Topology Proposals for Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference
Generalized Mixture Models for Molecular Phylogenetic Estimation
Evaluating Fossil Calibrations for Dating Phylogenies in Light of Rates of Molecular Evolution
Phylogeny Estimation of the Radiation of Western North American Chipmunks (Tamias) in the Face of Introgression Using Reproductive Protein Genes
Phylogenetic and Coalescent Strategies of Species Delimitation in Snubnose Darters (Percidae
Taxonomic Structure of the Fossil Record is Shaped by Sampling Bias
Inferring Species Networks from Gene Trees in High-Polyploid North American and Hawaiian Violets ( Viola , Violaceae)
Biogeography Revisited with Network Theory
Calibrated Tree Priors for Relaxed Phylogenetics and Divergence Time Estimation
Phylogenomic Analysis Resolves the Interordinal Relationships and Rapid Diversification of the Laurasiatherian Mammals
Determining Species Boundaries in a World Full of Rarity
Phylogenetic Networks
Phylogenetic Networks
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