Recurrent Introgression of Mitochondrial DNA Among Hares (Lepus spp.) Revealed by Species-Tree Inference and Coalescent Simulations
Independent Contrasts and PGLS Regression Estimators Are Equivalent
Simultaneously Mapping and Superimposing Landmark Configurations with Parsimony as Optimality Criterion
Pleistocene Speciation in the Genus Populus (Salicaceae)
Interpreting the Evolutionary Regression
Miocene Dispersal Drives Island Radiations in the Palm Tribe Trachycarpeae (Arecaceae)
Multiple Continental Radiations and Correlates of Diversification in Lupinus (Leguminosae)
Multiple Quaternary Refugia in the Eastern Guiana Shield Revealed by Comparative Phylogeography of 12 Frog Species
Overcoming Deep Roots, Fast Rates, and Short Internodes to Resolve the Ancient Rapid Radiation of Eupolypod II Ferns
Accurate Estimation of Substitution Rates with Neighbor-Dependent Models in a Phylogenetic Context
Are Asteraceae 1.5 Billion Years Old? A Reply to Heads
Effects of Phylogenetic Signal on Ancestral State Reconstruction
MrBayes 3.2
Historical Biogeography of Neotropical Freshwater Fishes
Biological Systematics
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