A Unifying Model for the Analysis of Phenotypic, Genetic, and Geographic Data
The Pipid Root
Fitting Nonstationary General-Time-Reversible Models to Obtain Edge-Lengths and Frequencies for the Barry–Hartigan Model
Testing of the Effect of Missing Data Estimation and Distribution in Morphometric Multivariate Data Analyses
Assessing Parameter Identifiability in Phylogenetic Models Using Data Cloning
A Total-Evidence Approach to Dating with Fossils, Applied to the Early Radiation of the Hymenoptera
The Evolution of Pharyngognathy
An Extreme Case of Plant–Insect Codiversification
When Do Phylogenetic Mixture Models Mimic Other Phylogenetic Models?
Dendroscope 3
Is the General Time-Reversible Model Bad for Molecular Phylogenetics?
Trees of Life
The Comparative Approach in Evolutionary Anthropology and Biology.—Charles L. Nunn.
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