Integrating Fuzzy Logic and Statistics to Improve the Reliable Delimitation of Biogeographic Regions and Transition Zones
From Trajectories to Averages
Ratite Nonmonophyly
The Evolutionary Root of Flowering Plants
Novel Distances for Dollo Data
Low-Parameter Phylogenetic Inference Under the General Markov Model
Phylogenomic Insights into the Cambrian Explosion, the Colonization of Land and the Evolution of Flight in Arthropoda
Serine Codon-Usage Bias in Deep Phylogenomics
Shape Variation in Outline Shapes
Solution of the Generalized Noah's Ark Problem
Pruning Rogue Taxa Improves Phylogenetic Accuracy
Phylogenetic Nomenclature, Hierarchical Information, and Testability
The Information Content of Taxon Names
Introduction to Phylogenetic Networks.—David A. Morrison.
The Tree of Life
Society of Systematic Biologists Announcements
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