Comparing Evolutionary Rates for Different Phenotypic Traits on a Phylogeny Using Likelihood
Phylogenetic Analysis Using Lévy Processes
Using Supermatrices for Phylogenetic Inquiry
Estimating Speciation and Extinction Rates for Phylogenies of Higher Taxa
Amalgamating Source Trees with Different Taxonomic Levels
The Identification of Concerted Convergence in Insect Heads Corroborates Palaeoptera
Treating Fossils as Terminal Taxa in Divergence Time Estimation Reveals Ancient Vicariance Patterns in the Palpimanoid Spiders
Relaxed Phylogenetics and the Palaeoptera Problem
Going to Extremes
How Can We Improve Accuracy of Macroevolutionary Rate Estimates?
Problems With Estimation of Ancestral Frequencies Under Stationary Models
A Comment on the Use of Stochastic Character Maps to Estimate Evolutionary Rate Variation in a Continuously Valued Trait
Basic Phylogenetic Combinatorics.— Andreas Dress, Katharina T. Huber, Jacobus Koolen, Vincent Moulton, and Andreas Spillner.
Evolutionary Genomics
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