The Estimation of Tree Posterior Probabilities Using Conditional Clade Probability Distributions
Timetree of Aselloidea Reveals Species Diversification Dynamics in Groundwater
A Branch-Heterogeneous Model of Protein Evolution for Efficient Inference of Ancestral Sequences
Next-Generation Museomics Disentangles One of the Largest Primate Radiations
New Approaches to the Biogeography and Areas of Endemism of Red Oaks (Quercus L., Section Lobatae)
Anomalous Unrooted Gene Trees
Evolutionary Covariation in Geometric Morphometric Data
PhyloBayes MPI
More Taxonomists Describing Significantly Fewer Species per Unit Effort May Indicate That Most Species Have Been Discovered
Nodes, Branches, and Phylogenetic Definitions
Tree Thinking
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