Bayesian Analysis of Biogeography when the Number of Areas is Large
Multilocus Species Delimitation in a Complex of Morphologically Conserved Trapdoor Spiders (Mygalomorphae, Antrodiaetidae, Aliatypus)
Minimizing the Average Distance to a Closest Leaf in a Phylogenetic Tree
Ecological Opportunity and Incumbency in the Diversification of Repeated Continental Colonizations by Muroid Rodents
Recent Diversification of a Marine Genus (Tursiops spp.) Tracks Habitat Preference and Environmental Change
Bite of the Cats
Efficient Exploration of the Space of Reconciled Gene Trees
Biotic Evolution and Environmental Change in Southeast Asia.— Edited by David Gower, Kenneth Johnson, James Richardson, Brian Rosen, Lukas Rüber, and Suzanne Williams.
The Cambrian Explosion
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