Species Delimitation Using Bayes Factors
Introgression and Phenotypic Assimilation in Zimmerius Flycatchers (Tyrannidae)
Molecular Dating, Evolutionary Rates, and the Age of the Grasses
Quantifying and Comparing Phylogenetic Evolutionary Rates for Shape and Other High-Dimensional Phenotypic Data
On the Biogeography of Centipeda
Species Radiation by Niche Shifts in New Zealand's Rockcresses (Pachycladon, Brassicaceae)
Missing Data Estimation in Morphometrics
Partial Sequence Homogenization in the 5S Multigene Families May Generate Sequence Chimeras and Spurious Results in Phylogenetic Reconstructions
Coalescent Species Delimitation in Milksnakes (Genus Lampropeltis) and Impacts on Phylogenetic Comparative Analyses
50 Years of Inordinate Fondness
Conserved Genes, Sampling Error, and Phylogenomic Inference
Upstream Analyses Create Problems with DNA-Based Species Delimitation
Conflicting Phylogenies for Early Land Plants are Caused by Composition Biases among Synonymous Substitutions
Do Species Exist? Principles of Taxonomic Classification. — By Werner Kunz.
Darwin and His Children
Island Life, or The Phenomena and Causes of Insular Faunas and Floras, Including a Revision and Attempted Solution of the Problem of Geological Climates.— By Alfred Russel Wallace
On the Organic Law of Change
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