Predictive Approaches to Assessing the Fit of Evolutionary Models
Robust Regression and Posterior Predictive Simulation Increase Power to Detect Early Bursts of Trait Evolution
Posterior Predictive Bayesian Phylogenetic Model Selection
Poor Fit to the Multispecies Coalescent is Widely Detectable in Empirical Data
Detection of Implausible Phylogenetic Inferences Using Posterior Predictive Assessment of Model Fit
Bayesian Estimation of Speciation and Extinction from Incomplete Fossil Occurrence Data
Another Look at the Root of the Angiosperms Reveals a Familiar Tale
A Linear-Time Algorithm for Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Trait Evolution Models
A Bayesian Method for Analyzing Lateral Gene Transfer
Predicting the Ancestral Character Changes in a Tree is Typically Easier than Predicting the Root State
The Shape of Modern Tree Reconstruction Methods
Morphological Clocks in Paleontology, and a Mid-Cretaceous Origin of Crown Aves
The Evolution of Phylogenetic Systematics.— Edited by Andrew Hamilton.
From Taxonomy to Phylogenetics
Tewkesbury Walks
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