Phylogenies, the Comparative Method, and the Conflation of Tempo and Mode
Inflation of Molecular Clock Rates and Dates
Quantifying Age-dependent Extinction from Species Phylogenies
Rumbling Orchids
Enlarged Multilocus Data set Provides Surprisingly Younger Time of Origin for the Plethodontidae, the Largest Family of Salamanders
Fast Dating Using Least-Squares Criteria and Algorithms
Testing for Depéret's Rule (Body Size Increase) in Mammals using Combined Extinct and Extant Data
Detecting Macroevolutionary Self-Destruction from Phylogenies
How Should Genes and Taxa be Sampled for Phylogenomic Analyses with Missing Data? An Empirical Study in Iguanian Lizards
Testing Convergence Versus History
An Efficient Independence Sampler for Updating Branches in Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo Sampling of Phylogenetic Trees
Biology of Evolution and Systematics
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