A Robust Semi-Parametric Test for Detecting Trait-Dependent Diversification
Geometric Morphometrics on Gene Expression Patterns Within Phenotypes
Processes Driving the Adaptive Radiation of a Tropical Tree (Diospyros, Ebenaceae) in New Caledonia, a Biodiversity Hotspot
Total-Evidence Dating under the Fossilized Birth–Death Process
Genealogical Working Distributions for Bayesian Model Testing with Phylogenetic Uncertainty
The Phylogeny of Rickettsia Using Different Evolutionary Signatures
Invariant Versus Classical Quartet Inference When Evolution is Heterogeneous Across Sites and Lineages
Testing Classical Species Properties with Contemporary Data
Cryptic Species or Inadequate Taxonomy? Implementation of 2D Geometric Morphometrics Based on Integumental Organs as Landmarks for Delimitation and Description of Copepod Taxa
Maximum Likelihood Phylogenetic Inference is Consistent on Multiple Sequence Alignments, with or without Gaps
Taxonomy of Australian Mammals. — By Stephen Jackson and Colin Groves.
Great Transformations in Vertebrate Evolution.— Edited by Kenneth P. Dial, Neil Shubin, and Elizabeth L. Brainerd.
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