Phylogenomics for Systematic Biology
Unforeseen Consequences of Excluding Missing Data from Next-Generation Sequences: Simulation Study of RAD Sequences
Evaluating Summary Methods for Multilocus Species Tree Estimation in the Presence of Incomplete Lineage Sorting
Computational Performance and Statistical Accuracy of *BEAST and Comparisons with Other Methods
A Bayesian Supertree Model for Genome-Wide Species Tree Reconstruction
Bridging Inter- and Intraspecific Trait Evolution with a Hierarchical Bayesian Approach
Bats (Chiroptera: Noctilionoidea) Challenge a Recent Origin of Extant Neotropical Diversity
Late Glacial Demographic Expansion Motivates a Clock Overhaul for Population Genetics
Detecting the Anomaly Zone in Species Trees and Evidence for a Misleading Signal in Higher-Level Skink Phylogeny (Squamata: Scincidae).
Rarity and Incomplete Sampling in DNA-Based Species Delimitation
Characterizing and Comparing Phylogenies from their Laplacian Spectrum
Integrative Taxonomy Recognizes Evolutionary Units Despite Widespread Mitonuclear Discordance: Evidence from a Rotifer Cryptic Species Complex
Machine Learning Biogeographic Processes from Biotic Patterns: A New Trait-Dependent Dispersal and Diversification Model with Model Choice By Simulation-Trained Discriminant Analysis
Geomolecular Dating and the Origin of Placental Mammals
The Origin of Higher Taxa: Palaeobiological, Developmental and Ecological Perspectives