Two Influential Primate Classifications Logically Aligned
Detecting Hidden Diversification Shifts in Models of Trait-Dependent Speciation and Extinction
Modeling Character Change Heterogeneity in Phylogenetic Analyses of Morphology through the Use of Priors
Analysis of a Rapid Evolutionary Radiation Using Ultraconserved Elements : Evidence for a Bias in Some Multispecies Coalescent Methods
Does Gene Tree Discordance Explain the Mismatch between Macroevolutionary Models and Empirical Patterns of Tree Shape and Branching Times?
Comparison of Target-Capture and Restriction-Site Associated DNA Sequencing for Phylogenomics : A Test in Cardinalid Tanagers (Aves, Genus
Inferring Bounded Evolution in Phenotypic Characters from Phylogenetic Comparative Data
Distinct Processes Drive Diversification in Different Clades of Gesneriaceae
The Species versus Subspecies Conundrum : Quantitative Delimitation from Integrating Multiple Data Types within a Single Bayesian Approach in Hercules Beetles
Estimating the Effect of Competition on Trait Evolution Using Maximum Likelihood Inference
Gene Tree Discordance Causes Apparent Substitution Rate Variation
The Biology and Identification of the Coccidia (Apicomplexa) of Marsupials of the World.— Donald W. Duszynski.
Origins of Biogeography : The Role of Biological Classification in Early Plant and Animal Geography.— By Malte Christian Ebach.
RevBayes : Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference Using Graphical Models and an Interactive Model-Specification Language
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