Society for the Study of Systematic Biology symposium: Frontiers in Parametric Biogeography
Biogeographic Dating of Speciation Times Using Paleogeographically Informed Processes
SpeciesGeoCoder: Fast Categorization of Species Occurrences for Analyses of Biodiversity, Biogeography, Ecology, and Evolution
Toward a Self-Updating Platform for Estimating Rates of Speciation and Migration, Ages, and Relationships of Taxa
Barrier Displacement on a Neutral Landscape: Toward a Theory of Continental Biogeography
Coordinated Dispersal and Pre-Isthmian Assembly of the Central American Ichthyofauna
Infomap Bioregions: Interactive Mapping of Biogeographical Regions from Species Distributions
Efficient Detection of Repeating Sites to Accelerate Phylogenetic Likelihood Calculations
Phylogenetic Tree Estimation With and Without Alignment: New Distance Methods and Benchmarking
Who Let the CAT Out of the Bag? Accurately Dealing with Substitutional Heterogeneity in Phylogenomic Analyses
Phylogenomics of Lophotrochozoa with Consideration of Systematic Error
Displayed Trees Do Not Determine Distinguishability Under the Network Multispecies Coalescent