Re-examination of the trypanorhynch cestode collections of A.E. Shipley, J. Hornell and T. Southwell, with the erection of a new genus, Trygonicola, and redescriptions of seven species
Cercarial chaetotaxy of Euparyphium albuferensis Esteban et al., 1997 (Trematoda
Isospora ptyodactyli n. sp. (Apicomplexa
Petasiger oschmarini n. sp. (Digenea
Neotropical Monogenoidea. 33. Three new species of Ancistrohaptor n. g. (Dactylogyridae, Ancyrocephalinae) on Triportheus spp. (Teleostei, Characidae) from Brazil, with checklists of ancyrocephalines recorded from neotropical characiform fishes
Tutunema tutu n. g., n. sp., a primitive member of the Hethidae (Nematoda