Taxonomic status of Pelichnibothrium speciosum Monticelli, 1889 (Cestoda
Revision of Decacotylinae Chisholm, Wheeler & Beverley Burton, 1995 (Monogenea
Systematics of the Deropristiidae Cable & Hunninen, 1942 (Trematoda) and biogeographical associations with sturgeons (Osteichthyes
A new blunt-hooked pentastomid belonging to the genus Raillietiella Sambon, 1910, from two species of agamid lizards in Namibia
Description and life-cycle of two new species of Choanocotyle n. g. (Trematoda
Gyrodactylus longidactylus n. sp., a monogenean from Pomatoschistus lozanoi (de Buen) (Gobiidae) from the North Sea
Prodistomum priedei n. sp. (Digenea