Scomberomorocotyle munroi n. g., n. sp. (Scomberomorocotylinae n. subf.), a thoracocotylid monogenean from Scomberomorus munroi (Scombridae) off Australia and Papua New Guinea
Monogenea of Chinese marine fishes. X. A new species and two new records of the Axinidae from fishes of the South China Sea
Proposed division of the genus Heterophyes Cobbold, 1865 (Trematoda
Aonchotheca musimon n. sp. (Nematoda
Linstowinema, Smales, 1997 (Nematoda
Life-cycle and biology of Sychnocotyle kholo n. g., n. sp. (Trematoda
Palaearctic species of the genus Confluaria Ablasov (Cestoda, Hymenolepididae)
Gyrodactylus sommervillae n. sp. (Monogenea) from Abramis brama (L.) and Rutilus rutilus (L.) (Cyprinidae) in Oxfordshire, UK
Megistospermaticus kenyensis n. comb. pour Microphallus kenyensis Canaris, 1971 (Digenea
New data on the morphology of Philonema oncorhynchi Kuitunen-Ekbaum, 1933 (Nematoda
Description of the previously unknown male of Argulus kosus Avenant-Oldewage, 1994 (Crustacea