A quantitative approach to the evaluation of the morphological variability of two echinostomes, Echinostoma miyagawai Ishii, 1932 and E. revolutum (Frölich, 1802), from Europe
Observations on trichodinid ectoparasites (Ciliophora
Durettechina beveridgei n. g., n. sp. (Nematoda
Six new species of Lepidapedon Stafford, 1904 (Digenea
Records of the bird capillariid nematode Ornithocapillaria appendiculata (Freitas, 1933) n. comb. from freshwater fishes in Mexico, with remarks on Capillaria patzcuarensis Osorio-Sarabia et al., 1986
Three new species of Polyclithrum Rogers, 1967 (Gyrodactylidae
A new species and a new record of ectoparasitic mites from thrips in Turkey (Acari