The status of the genera Hysterolecithoide Yamaguti, 1934, Neotheletru Gibson & Bray, 1979 and Machidatrem León-Règagnon, 1998 (Digenea
Two new species of Caryospora Léger, 1904 (Apicomplexa, Eimeriidae) from accipitrid raptors
Boreascotia megavesicul n. g., n. sp. (Digenea
Morphological and molecular analyses of the genera Peltidocotyl Diesing 1850 and Othinoscole Woodland 1933, and a morphological study of Woodlandiell Freze, 1965 (Eucestoda, Proteocephalidea), parasites of South American siluriform fishes (Pimelodidae)
Novel isotrichid ciliates endosymbiotic in Australian macropodid marsupials
Enzymatic polymorphism and phylogenetic relationships in Leishmani Ross, 1903 (Sarcomastigophora
The cercaria of Galactosomum bearup Pearson, 1973 (Trematoda