Redescriptions of species of Tetrarhynchobothrium Diesing, 1850 and Didymorhynchus Beveridge & Campbell, 1988 (Cestoda
A new genus and species of mesoparasitic ergasilid (Copepoda
Contracaecum bioccai n. sp. from the brown pelican Pelecanus occidentalis (L.) in Colombia (Nematoda; Anisakidae)
Molecular faunistics of accidental infections of Gyrodactylus Nordmann, 1832 (Monogenea) parasitic on salmon Salmo salar L. and brown trout Salmo trutta L. in NW Russia
Redescription of Amblyomma varium Koch, 1844 (Acari
Myrmeconema neotropicum n. g., n. sp., a new tetradonematid nematode parasitising South American populations of Cephalotes atratus (Hymenoptera