Climatic envelope of evergreen sclerophyllous oaks and their present distribution in the eastern Himalaya and Hengduan Mountains
Phylogenetics and biogeography of eastern Asian–North American disjunct genus Pachysandra (Buxaceae) inferred from nucleotide sequences
Notes on the family Brassicaceae in China
Reappraisal of Microtropis macrocarpa C.Y. Cheng & T.C. Kao (Celastraceae), a critically endangered species endemic to Yunnan, China
Cytological study on the genus Syncalathium (Asteraceae-Lactuceae), an endemic taxon to alpine scree of the Sino-Himalayas
Morphological characteristics of leaf epidermis and size variation of leaf, flower and fruit in different ploidy levels in Buddleja macrostachya (Buddlejaceae)
Floral organogenesis of Delavaya toxocarpa (Sapindaceae; Sapindales)
Reproductive traits associated with invasiveness in Conyza sumatrensis
Genetic relationship between parasitized and non-parasitized Haloxylon ammodendron in the Alxa Desert