Announcement of the awards of JSE Outstanding Papers
Interactions among proteins of floral MADS-box genes in Nuphar pumila (Nymphaeaceae) and the most recent common ancestor of extant angiosperms help understand the underlying mechanisms of the origin of the flower
Late Eocene leaves of Nageia (section Dammaroideae ) from Maoming Basin, South China and their implications on phytogeography
Intraspecific differentiation of Pleurospermum hookeri (Apiaceae), and its interspecific relationships with two close relatives in the genus Pleurospermum
Structural and functional diversification of HORMA domain-containing proteins
Genetic divergence of weedy rice populations associated with their geographic location and coexisting conspecific crop: Implications on adaptive evolution of agricultural weeds
Black-spotted pond frog ( Pelophylax nigromaculatus ) on the Chinese Loess Plateau represents a cryptic species: Evidence from molecular phylogeny and ecological niche modeling
Phylogeny and subgeneric classification of Bouteloua with a new species, B. herrera-arrietae (Poaceae: Chloridoideae: Cynodonteae: Boutelouinae)
Flowering plants of the Western Ghats, India