Awards of JSE Outstanding Papers (2014 and 2015)
Species delimitations in plants: lessons learned from potato taxonomy by a practicing taxonomist
Evolution of the leucine-rich repeat receptor-like protein kinase gene family: Ancestral copy number and functional divergence of BAM1 and BAM2 in Brassicaceae
Fifteen novel universal primer pairs for sequencing whole chloroplast genomes and a primer pair for nuclear ribosomal DNAs
DNA barcoding of the main cultivated yams and selected wild species in the genus Dioscorea
Phylogenetic utility of LEAFY gene in Cinnamomum (Lauraceae): Gene duplication and polymerase chain reaction-mediated recombination
Phylogeny and molecular evolution of the DMC1 gene in the polyploid genus Leymus (Triticeae: Poaceae) and its diploid relatives
Fossil leaves of Populus from the Middle Miocene of Yunnan, SW China