Preliminary findings: Contingency management targeting psycho-stimulant use results in secondary decreases in smoking for severely mentally ill adults

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Treatments for drug addiction and smoking in severely mentally ill (SMI) adults are needed.


To investigate the effect of a contingency management (CM) intervention targeting psycho-stimulant on cigarette smoking.


126 stimulant dependent SMI smokers were assigned to CM or a non-contingent control condition. Rates of smoking-negative (<3 ppm) carbon monoxide breath-samples were compared.


Individuals who received CM targeting psycho-stimulants were 79% more likely to submit a smoking-negative breath-sample relative to controls.

Conclusions and Scientific Significance:

This study provides initial evidence that a behavioral treatment for drug use results in reductions in cigarette smoking in SMI adults. (Am J Addict 2014;23:407–410)

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