Schizophrenia and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder: A clinical investigation

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Background and Objectives:

We compared characteristics of schizophrenia patients with prior LSD use who developed hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (SCH+HPPD) with those who did not (SCH−HPPD).


Data were collected for 37 subjects in the SCH+HPPD group and 43 subjects in the SCH−HPPD group.


Socio-demographics and positive symptom scores were similar between groups. Individuals in the SCHIZO+HPPD group scored lower on general psychopathology and negative symptoms scores.

Discussion and Conclusions:

Individuals with schizophrenia and HPPD present with less severe psychopathology, despite persistent perceptual disturbances.

Scientific Significance:

Our findings highlight the importance of further research into this subset of patients. (Am J Addict 2015;24:197–199)

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