Efficacy of Flumethrin Pour-On Against Damalinia caprae of Goats (Capra hircus)

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Goats naturally infested with Damalinia caprae lice were used to evaluate the efficacy of flumethrin pour-on. The maximum load of lice infestation was detected in the neck region. The LC50 value of flumethrin pour-on against D. caprae was found to be 119.35 ppm and the 95% confidence limits were calculated to be 104.10 and 136.85 ppm. Flumethrin at the rate of 1 mg/kg body weight by pour-on application along the mid-dorsal line was found to be 100% effective in treating lice-infested goats compared with the control goats. The residual action of flumethrin was found to be at least 42 days during which period no apparent signs of any local or general adverse effects were observed. Based on these studies, it is suggested that flumethrin pour-on may be successfully used for both the prophylaxis and treatment of D. caprae infestation in goats and it is necessary to repeat the treatment after 42 days. The method of application is highly advantageous as it can be conveniently applied, even in animals with thick hair coat and during the winter months.

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