Development of a rapid biological assay for determination of potency of Newcastle disease vaccine (strain I-2)

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A rapid biological assay based on incubation time has been developed for determination of the potency of Newcastle disease virus strain I-2 vaccine. It is based on the observation that the interval between inoculation and the first detection of haemagglutinin (HA) depends on the titre of the vaccine inoculated. Chicken embryonated eggs were inoculated with different titres (109, 106 and 103 EID50/0.1 ml) of vaccine and incubated for 24 h. At hourly intervals, 5 eggs from each vaccine titre were tested for the presence of HA. The results showed that the HA activity was detected from 5, 11 and 15 h after inoculation with vaccine doses of 109, 106 and 103 EID50, respectively. On the basis of these results it is suggested that if there is no HA detected from 5 to 11 h after inoculation of eggs with the vaccine virus, the vaccine should not be used to vaccinate chickens as it might have an infectivity titre of less than 106 EID50/0.1 ml, which is equivalent to the recommended single chicken dose. It is concluded that measuring the time between inoculation of the vaccine virus and the onset of HA activity might provide an estimate of the titre of the vaccine within 24 h.

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