Allele-specific HLA-B*15 typing by PCR-SSP and its application to four distinct ethnic populations

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We present a set of primer mixes for the allele-specific typing of the HLA-B*15 group by PCR-SSP. The set comprises 46 primer mixes which are designed to unequivocally resolve all but two of the 666 possible combinations of the B*15 alleles, B*1501-37 (B*1536 sequence unavailable). A core subset of 34 of the 46 mixes can be used alone to give a high resolution B*15 typing set. This allows for the identification of each B*15 allele when present as the only B*15 allele and the majority of the possible B*15 homozygotic combinations. The method was validated using reference DNA samples and the B*15 allele frequency in 4 distinct ethnic populations was investigated. The results show that these populations contain predominantly mutually exclusive sets of B*15 alleles.

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