HLA-A*24020102L in the UK blood donor population

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The low-expression allele HLA-A*24020102L was identified on a likely haplotype bearing B*55, Cw*01 during the investigation of nine cases (four families and five unrelated subjects) of HLA-A*24 lacking the A24 specificity. A search was made of 70,007 HLA-A, HLA-B, and HLA-C DNA-based typed largely northwestern European Caucasoid blood donors on the British Bone Marrow Registry and Welsh Bone Marrow Donor Registry panels for phenotypes possessing A*24, B*55, Cw*01. Fifty three were found, and 12 of these were subsequently shown to possess A*24020102L by sequence-based typing or polymerase chain reaction with sequence-specific primers. This indicated that the likely A*24, B*55, Cw*01 haplotype has a frequency of 0.000378 in the UK and that approximately 22.6% of these will possess A*24020102L. Consequently, HLA-A*24020102L, B*55, Cw*01 is a principal A*24020102L-bearing haplotype, and the minimum carriage and gene frequencies of A*24020102L are 0.017% and 0.000086, respectively, in UK blood donors.

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