Characterization a novel HLA-B40 allele with serological Bw4 motif, HLA-B*4047, in the Finnish population and confirmation of B*270503 allele

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We describe a novel HLA-B*40 allele assigned as B*4047*. The B*4047 allele was detected in a Finnish patient awaiting kidney transplantation. The patient had a “short” B60-like serological specificity with Bw4 association. After sequencing, the B*4047 allele was found to be identical to B*4001, except having five amino acid changes in exon 2, including the entire motif corresponding to Bw4 and w6 specificity. As a result of recombination or gene conversion, B*4047 has the Bw4 motif instead of expected Bw6. Screening of B40 alleles in the Finnish population revealed no other cases with this pattern, suggesting that this allele is rare. The sequence of B*270503 presented here provides the complete sequence for exons 2 and 3 for this allele. B*270503 allele differs from B*270502 by a single synonymous nucleotide substitution at non-variable position 489 in exon 3.

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