Characterization of three novel HLA alleles, HLA-B*4613, HLA-B*4614 and HLA-B*4618, in Chinese individuals

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Three novel alleles, human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-B*4613, HLA-B*4614 and HLA-B*4618, were identified in Chinese individuals. HLA-B*4613 shows four nucleotides difference from B*460101, resulting in two amino acids change from Glu to Val at codon 152 and Trp to Leu at codon 156. HLA-B*4614 has a single nucleotide difference at position 97 T→C compared with HLA-B*460101, with an amino acid change from Tyr to His at codon 9. HLA-B*4618 shares the sequence of exon 2 with B*4601 and sequences of exons 3 and 4 with B*55, B*54 or B*59, together resulting in eight amino acids change compared with HLA-B*460101.

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