MIC gene polymorphism and haplotype diversity in Li nationality of Southern China

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Here, we report for the first time the polymorphisms of MICA and MICB in a healthy Li population of 344 unrelated individuals. By using polymerase chain reaction-sequence specific priming (PCR-SSP) and sequence-based typing (PCR-SBT), 17 MICA-sequence alleles and 5 MICA-STR (short tandem repeats, STR) alleles, as well as 17 MICB alleles were detected, among which MICA*010, MICA*A4 and MICB*005:02 were the most frequent alleles. In addition, linkage disequilibrium was investigated and the most common two-locus haplotypes were MICB*005:02-MICA*010 and MICB*008-MICA*002:01. These results present informative genetic markers for the investigation of possible origins and the evolution of MHC class I haplotypes in the Li population.

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